March 12, 2020

Game Buzz Ep. 31

First 5 - Video Game Romances


What’s the buzz?

Nintendo PlayStation makes bank

Reggie goes to GameStop

Horizon lands on PC

2K rejoins the NFL

E3 is cancelled 


Love is Blind 

March 5, 2020

Game Buzz Ep. 30

This week on Game Buzz - all the things and more!


FIrst 5 - Sick Day Video Games


What’s the Buzz?


GDC gets Delayed

Cyberpunk 2077 Buyers Get Free Upgrade

Xbox Series X is a MONSTER!

Game Stop is Failing

FFVII Demo Is Real and It’s Spectacular

Ghosts of Tsushima, Cyber Ninja and Wonderful 101 get released dates

The Countdown

10. I was released in 1994

9. I was released on both the GameBoy and the SNES

8. I was developed by Software Creations

7. I am enjoyed both as a single player and multiplayer experience

6. My SNES version came with promotional Collector's cards

5. I include real life names like Cliff Claven, F. Astaire, A. Hepburn and Adam West to name a few

4. I had a sequel on the N64

3. I am sports game

2. I have a famous baseball player in my title

1. Who am I with initials: K.G.J.P.M.L.B.

February 20, 2020

Game Buzz Ep.29

This week on Game Buzz the stories are made up and the news is fake


First 5 Video Game Community Experiences 


What’s the Buzz

Animal Crossing Direct

Star Craft Ghost Leaks

Shadow lands Open Beta


The Countdown

  1. I was released 1998 in NA and Japan
  2. I am a PlayStation exclusive 
  3. I am a 3rd person survival horror game 
  4. I was produced by Sakaguchi
  5. I use a passable real time combat
  6. I take place in NYC
  7. My main character is a woman
  8. Sean wrote a biology paper on mitochondria because of me
  9. I am the first game in a series
  10. What am I with the initials PE
February 15, 2020

Game Buzz Ep. 28

This week on Game Buzz we make up some stories because it's been such a slow news cycle

February 8, 2020

Game Buzz Ep. 27

This week on Game Buzz Warcraft gets a refund, Diablo gets an overseer and 101 reasons to sign up for Kickstarter


First 5 01:20


What’s the Buzz? 04:30

Animal Crossing Switch

No Switch Pro Planned

Daemon X Machina Going to PC

Wonderful 101 Kickstarter 

Castlevania Marches On

Coalitions Loss is Blizzards Gain

Warcraft 3 Refunded

Sony Closes VR Studio


The Coutdown

February 1, 2020

Game Buzz Ep. 26

Another slow news week means more shenanigans by the bros. Hope you enjoy!

January 23, 2020

Game Buzz Ep. 25

This week on Game Buzz we struggle to fill a show


First 5


Cyberpunk doesn’t run good on PS4 and Xbox one

Half Life Alyx is done and won’t be delayed


The Countdown 

  1. I was released in July of 2018
  2. I am available on Windows and Nintendo Switch
  3. I have a 16 bit inspired art style
  4. I have a unique combat system
  5. I am a turn based RPG
  6. I was developed by Square Enix 
  7. I feature 8 different playable characters 
  8. I have a sequel in development 
  9. I have a ridiculous title
  10. Who am I with the initials OT 
January 19, 2020

Game Buzz Ep. 24

This week on Game Buzz, Warcraft gets a patch, Smash gets a teacher and the return of the delay-zer 


First 5 - Text based games 03:41


What’s the buzz? 07:21

Battle for Azeroth 8.3

Resident Evil 3 Drops Multiple Endings

Sony Snubs E3

Bug Doctor Squashes World Record

FFVII to April

Avengers and Cyberpunk to September 

A New Challenger Approaches 

Xbox Series X Unconfirmed Facts


The Countdown 29:34

1. I was released in 2012

2. I am played in the first person perspective

3. I take place in modern time

4. Throughout the game you are lead on by a stranger over a radio

5. I am a survival horror game

6. I take place in London

7. I am developed by Ubisoft

8. I was a WiiU launch game

9. We reviewed this on our channel

10. What am I with initial: Z

January 9, 2020

Game Buzz Ep. 23

This week on Game Buzz Pokemon gets some DLC, Sony unveils a new logo and Origin brings our dreams to life with the Big O


First 5 01:05


Whats the Buzz 03:36

PS5 Logo

CES 2020

Big O

El Gato Toys

Pokemon Direct

Fallout 76 Classroom of Terror

Alienware to Go


The Countdown 

  1. I was released in 1996 to NA and JP
  2. I was produced by Shigeru Miyamoto
  3. I am a single player experience
  4. I have 5 playable characters 
  5. Jumping on the heads of my enemies is one way of beating them
  6. I am the first game in which Mario and Link both appear
  7. I often appear in lists for greatest games of all time
  8. I am a turn based rpg
  9. I was developed by square 
  10. Who am I with the initials SMRPGTLOTSS 
December 26, 2019

Game Buzz Ep. 22

This week on game Buzz we discuss our favourite games of the decade

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